What designers pay attention to when creating outstanding packaging designs

What more and more designers and customers are paying attention to when creating distinctive packaging design. Here are several principles that will be the foundation of trends in the design of packaging in the future.

There is no need to define a specific year since a big part of the things listed below will be up-to-date for a fairly long period of time.

In addition to the basic principles that have been the foundation in recent years, namely:

  • Stand out colors and shapes
  • Minimalistic designs
  • Clean and simple designs. Less is more.
  • Avoiding excessive long text
  • Focusing on the name or the product itself

More and more attention will be paid on the guidelines listed below.

  • The emotion. Or the effort we make to build the consumer-product relationship must be well visualized or woven on the packaging itself.
  • The user as center of attention. There is a growing need for brands to treat their consumers as unique individuals of great importance. Personalised packaging is the basis of this reference product-client.
  • Creative opportunities for recycling or reuse. There is a growing focus on creating packaging from recycled materials or those that can be easily recycled, or to be used creatively in the creation of a by-product by your customers. This can be one of the strongest incentives for choosing exactly your product.
  • Consumers will pay more attention to the feeling of contact with the packaging. Using consumers’ senses can help them make the decision to buy exactly your product.
  • Authenticity markers. These markers have always been at the heart of showing high quality product, so more and more brands are paying and will pay attention to this, proudly showing who is behind the product or what it is made of.Here you can get ideas and inspiration from packaging designs in various industries.

Some very important trends imposed by the global situation to date related to COVID-19:

  • Paying more attention to the safety and overall packaging of products, especially for food and beverages, will also affect their design. Therefore, more and more importance will be paid to hygiene in the packaging process, transportation and storage of products, which must be visualized in a conspicuous place or to fully affect the very shape and design of packaging.

Big part of the products are and will be bought through e-shops instead of physical ones. More and more products will be able to afford not to comply with the basic rules of shelf display, but will focus on the correct positioning in e-shops. This will greatly affect the design. Furthermore, this will bring attention to the trends in digital channels, through which the purchase itself will take place, which will be reflected in the packaging design itself.

Here you can get ideas and inspiration from packaging designs in various industries.

I hope this was helpful to you at least a little.
Dimitar Dimitrov , Design Depot Ltd.
photocredit: Dylian Karaivanov

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